Selection of tools and productivity resources for authors

List of useful tools and resources for use in your author's journey. Perhaps they can make authors more productive, efficient, effective, creative, profitable--whatever the case!

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(last updated: Aug 2021)

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Markdown editors

  • ia Writer a great Markdown editor available on many platforms

  • Typora (free) an online, minimalistic Markdown editor

  • Bear mac Only

  • Microsoft VS Code (free) a coder's tool, but powerful for Markdown writing as well

  • notion (free, paid) amazing all-in-one project management tool with a solid Markdown editor

  • Affinity suite of products - superb, highly affordable alternative to Adobe photoshop

  • tinypng - amazingly effective online service that compresses your images

  • canva - beautifully simple artwork creation using templates

  • gimp - the long running (25 years+!) free graphics program, widely used and very capable

Web hosters and domain providers

Authors who want their own websites can simply use one of the many graphical website builders rather than struggle to build one themselves or configure Wordpress etc. Here are some options.

Fully hosted

  • Squarespace - an excellent, "premium" website builder with excellent templates and many other features

  • Weebly - as above

  • Wordpress - for Wordpress fans, this hosted solution takes the pain out of configuring it yourself

  • Medium - while not really a website builder, Medium is a powerful blogging platform that some writers may use as their primary branding with their own domain


These are for the more technically inclined.

Domain registrars

Want to get your own branded domain, like, or

Here are some reputed domain registrars. Note that some of the hosted website providers also let you register a domain, and some others provide a domain for free if you build a website with them.


  • kboards writer's cafe - a great place, especially for independent authors, to ask questions and share ideas

  • absolutewrite forums - a long running, incredibly content rich community for almost everything related to writing

  • Critique Cirlce - a place for writers to get and provide feedback on their work and improve the writing skills

  • KDP Community boards Amazon forum for Kindle publishing

  • 20booksto50k - popular Facebook group for authors; ideas, advice, inspirational journey... it's all there


Graphics, cover makers, editors, proofreaders, beta reading and so on.

Fiverr - a handy place to get freelancers to do a myriad of things: logo design, boxsets, beta reading, editing, audio recording- you name it

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