How to publish your Word document on Amazon KDP

Many new authors struggle with the formatting phase of the process. How do I format the book so that it looks good in paperback PDF and Kindle? they wonder, and then stress about it. Typical approaches include hiring "formatting" services, wasting a lot of time trying to do it oneself, using Amazon's Kindle publishing software, or using very expensive software.

But did you know that Amazon KDP accepts a simple, well-formatted Microsoft Word document as input and produces a perfectly acceptable--in fact more than acceptable versions?

Here's how you do it.

  1. Get yourself one of KDP's acceptable Word template formats

  2. Write your book using it (or adjust to it)

  3. Get a KDP account. Remember that KDP has stringent rules about account ownership so make sure you don't have two KDP accounts even by mistake.

  4. Create a new eBook, and in the content section, just upload the Word document (make sure you've added a TOC)

  5. Add your cover, or use the cover builder

  6. Check out the preview

That's all there is to it!

Of course, you might wonder about the complexity of 1) or 2) and that's where we come in. Starting with a simple text document following our structure, you can produce beautiful KDP-acceptable Word documents in literally seconds!. It can be nearly 95% ready, needing only few minor tweaks to your satisfaction (for e.g., moving the TOC to the right place, adjusting any images and so on) before you upload.

For paperback, all you need to do is save as PDF and you're done. Don't believe? Check out the samples to see how the outputs look.

Gone are the hours of frustration and 100's of dollars spent.

Come, give us a try!