How to publish quickly (or faster than before)

Authors want to publish faster, quicker, easier. Getting to market faster means the change to earn quicker, speed up recognition, produce new works, and build the backlog faster.

But how?

Veteran authors know this, and new authors find out often painfully, that it takes not a trivial amount of effort to publish (and maintain the work) from the point when one first writes a word.

One can always do a hurry-and-throw-it-to-Amazon approach, but most prefer to do a certain amount of due diligence before they send their script to editors, or publish online (if they are self-published).

Let's look at everything that comes between the first word and the published book. Some of these apply more to self-published authors who have to do almost everything by themselves.

Steps between writing and publishing

  1. Write the book

  2. Ensure it flows well and the chapters are balanced

  3. Send all or portions of the finished draft for beta reading

  4. Work on the feedback

  5. Complete the self-edit, check the stats (how many chapters? word count? pages?)

  6. Finish refinement

  7. Send full or partials to proofreaders/copy editors/editors/agents

  8. Incorporate final updates

  9. Complete cover design (for self-published authors), blurb, ad copies

  10. Format the book so it looks great on Kindle, or in ePub and other versions for multi-marketplace efforts

  11. Publish online (e.g., on Kindle KDP, Apple Books, Google Play etc.)

  12. Fix errors readers point out, update front/back matters as your work list grows

  13. Re-publish (easier in the self-publish/indie publishing world)

Whew. That's a lot. Many writers simply skip some steps, or the more diligent ones spend significant time at each. Many new writers are sometimes overwhelmed and get lost in the process or spend inordinate amount of time in formatting and other procedures.

Some start writing on Microsoft Word or other complex editing software and waste time on format rather than content and then spend more time converting the software to other forms (like ePub).

What if...

  • One could write in an unobstrusive way--just focus on the text--worry about look-and-feel later...

  • and then be able to create versions that are fit for beta and proofreading...

  • check the stats on the book to improve its flow and structure

  • and produce great looking documents easily and quickly that can be uploaded to Kindle or sent as ePub

  • and then maintain all your published works easily--updating the back/front matters, reused content like standard thank-you's etc. and make all your works consistent

That's what the publishquickly service lets you do. It lets you publish faster. In fact, it lets you do a lot more. Here's how (and why)

  • you write in simple text using a easy format called Markdown (takes 10 minutes to learn)

  • with just some simple tags, your work is now ready for conversion and stats with a single click

  • you can create variants with selected chapters for beta or proofreading

  • you can leverage reuse content

  • you can create almost publish-ready books that can be uploaded to Amazon KDP

  • and more, as you'll discover when you use the service and learn the tags

Go to the introduction page to see the 10 benefits of using a portable format like Markdown text.

In the end, you are a whole lot faster, save much more time and headache, and cut a ton of unnecessary time (not to mention the money--don't need custom formatters, expensive software)

Just give it a try!