Getting Started with PublishQuickly

First, a really short summary of how this works:

  1. Write your manuscript in plain text on any editor of choice, using simple Markdown.

  2. Then, add some tags (like author, title) to describe your book and chapters

  3. Finally, paste that text into our generator for all the magic.

Pursue our docs for more, and take advantage of other features in our tools. There's much for you to take advantage of.

Because this is entirely browser based, you can

  • write on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)

  • on any device (laptops, desktops, phones, iPads, ...) though we recommend laptops/desktops for the bigger screen experience

  • and anywhere! at home, on the couch, in the airport, on the train...

The Details.

Write your book in simple text using the Markdown format, on your favorite text editor (notepad, iaWriter, textedit, Bear, VS code, whatever else), on any platform (Mac, Windows, Linux...) or device (Macs, Laptops, phones, iPads), then add a few simple PublishQuickly tags, and enjoy awesome features that save significant time for publishing on Amazon Kindle KDP or any other platform.

If you don't know Markdown, check it out here. It takes minutes to learn and you'll wonder why you never wrote using that format.

The easiest way to understand is with this super simple example.

First, let's create a really short chapter written in Markdown. It's just a text file.


## NEW YORK, 2030

Jim shivered in the cold winter night. It was _freezing_

Now, let's revise it with some PublishQuickly tags--what's below shows one chapter.

@synopsis Jim is attacked by aliens that look like snow balls

@pov Jim


# {{#n}}

## NEW YORK, 2030

Jim shivered in the cold winter night. It was _freezing_


What we did was "decorate" the text with some extra tags. Tags give your script superpowers. It's so easy to just type it, and let our app do the magic.

When you mark your manuscript and run it through our service, you can get outputs in multiple formats, links to Amazon stores, boxsets, statistics about various things (word count, pages, KDP earning - approximate, chapters, points-of-view and more), radically cutting down your writing and path-to-publish process.

For a listing of what's possible go the features page or just go to the home and click submit and see it yourself.

The 10 benefits of using PublishQuickly

Here are ten reasons why PublishQuickly is a great app for Authors and Writers:

  1. Portable: Your manuscript is a simple markdown text file that is fully portable, editable in a wide variety of great text editors. You are not locked-in to any tool-specific or unwieldy formats like word. If you're not familiar with Markdown, spend a few minutes here, you'll be thankful!

  2. Simple: It takes minutes to learn the writing format, and minutes to learn the app!

  3. Analytical: See chapter and point-of-view statistics, get a sense of your chapter flows, POV spreads, chapter lengths in words and pages. Understanding your work helps you refine it.

  4. Versatile: generate outputs in multiple formats - word, epub, text, packaged HTML, markdown…. Use custom word (or css) templates to bring outputs to 95% readiness before publishing. Create a synopsis-only text output for review or circulation. Use simple Word templates to customize your books and refresh the look-and-feel in seconds. Create BoxSets!

  5. Selective outputs: generate for multile purposes! you can tag chapters in a way that you can produce documents for various reasons--e.g., full book, beta chapters, samples only, and whatever else. So much easier than cut-pasting and introducing errors.

  6. Fast: Get started fast - use the skeletal generator; it literally takes only a minute to get started! And output generation takes seconds; you can even ease the pain of migrating your existing work through our word-to-powermanuscript migrator!

  7. Productive: Utilize terrific tags-read about replacers, out tags, and chapter numbering, and you'll know what we mean. Get all URLs in your manuscript in one place to check for validity, get links of Amazon stores…Save a ton of time and frustration. Makes maintaining and updating many books a breeze.

  8. Handy and Fun! check out the little cover-page visualizer - see your cover in various sizes and fiddle with color options to get a sense of its design (coming)

  9. Affordable—no rip-off low subscription fees and no confusing plans. - A low price and continuous upgrades.

  10. With your security and privacy in mind - check out our security page to put your mind at ease!

And we're just getting started! There are some awesome features in the works that will further power your writing and publishing.

Understanding the structure of the manuscript text file

PublishQuickly expects any manuscript to be comprised in the following way:

A book is comprised of one or more chapters which are made of a header (which is meta data for the chapter) and content (which is the actual body)

There are just two rules:

  1. Delimit the header from you content with [[body]] tag

  2. Separate one chapter from the other with x-------------x

That's it.

All the tags are optional, but the real power lies in them.

Is that it? What next?

Go check out the tags documentation--it's easy to follow and gives you examples of how you can do various things.

Get an account, you can do more with it and explore the power. It's free and easy to start.

Other things to checkout:

  • look at our gallery for samples.

  • go back to generator and play with the manuscript and see the outputs

That's all there is to it--welcome! And we hope you'll stay with us.