Data security and transparency

We take your data security seriously. Not only that, we believe that you need to know what we keep and how.

Personal data

We collect minimal personal data--your email and... nothing else. We do not need or ask for your real name, birthday, address, credit card details etc.

Payment data

We use a reputed external payments processor which handles all your payment transaction. The only thing we receive from them is that you have paid.

Password security

We use an industry-standard, widely-used one-way encryption mechanism with a "delay decrypt" feature to save your plain password into a database.

Even if our database was hacked, no one can find out your real password. Not only that, we generate a random password for you that you can use, and you do not have to use any of your personal passwords with us. Which means even in the extremely unlikely event that someone even decrypts a password from our database, what they get will be a random password that is not any of your other website/service passwords.

Data retention

On all plans, your generated documents are deleted within hours.

Your vault documents remain as long as you want, and you can delete them whenever you wish.

This service should not be used as a cloud storage or backup solution.

Subscription cancellation

We have a no questions asked cancellation policy. You are free to cancel the subscription anytime you want--your access will remain until the end of paid period, after which your premium features will become unavailable.