Completion Estimator

Book completion time and royalty estimator

with the estimator get a sense of when you will finish your book based on your goal and words progress per day, and also get a rough estimate of royalties (unit and Kindle Unlimited) you will make depending on your pricing. It's simple and handy! If you want to build a word history as you work, you can use our history builder

Enter your estimates
When you plan to start
~Words/day you think you will achieve


How many words will your book have?


Add some buffer/variability (%)

for e.g., if you don't write two days a week, you could add a variability of 30%


How much will you sell your book for (USD $)?
How many units do you estimate you'll sell
How many page reads do you estimate to get (KU)

this is for Kindle Unlimited page reads



the royalty estimates are directional/approximations

If on plan, you will finish on
With variability, you will finish on

everyone needs some breaks!

Sale royalty per book (~)

this is an approximate

KU royalties per book

we use ~250 words/page as a benchmark

Total earnings based on sales and page reads

unit royalties + KU page read royalties

with a free account you can build progress history and do a lot more!
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