Troubleshooting Guide

Let's look at common errors/issues

The font doesn't look right in the Word documents

a) if it's your own font in your styling sheet, ensure that you have either embedded the font in Word, or that your computer (or tablet) has the font installed

b) if it's a standard template from our website, the fonts are embedded, and there may be some other issue with your setup

Document doesn't show some images

This is usually due to one of these reasons

a) the image doesn't exist in your vault,

b) or it's not one of our standard reuse images. Remember, the name has to be exact, without any paths--for e.g., ![](myimage.png)

My insert document isn't getting inserted

The warnings on the result should usually tell you why. It's usually for two reasons

a) the document is not of type md or txt

b) the document doesn't exist in your vault (or you named it wrong)

Look at all your @insert tags and ensure they follow the specs

I'm getting an internal error message

Sorry about that! It means something went wrong on our end, and we'll look into it. You can also send us a message through contact and it might help speed up the process

I'm an account holder/paid member but it says I don't have access/space

This can happen if you are logged in, but somehow your session expired. Just click logout and log back in and it should be fine. You can also refresh the page and see what happens.