A free tool for self-published authors to write and publish faster and smarter.

Create beautiful and consistent Amazon KDP-friendly books and boxsets in Word, in seconds, for free.

🖥 Website and Product meant for Desktop.

What problem does PublishQuickly (PQ) script solve for me?

PQ lets authors, especially indie and self-published, start with simple distraction-free text based Markdown manuscripts and generate consistent and great-looking publish-ready Microsoft Word novels and boxsets for Amazon KDP (Kindle Publishing) and other platforms. No need to spend time formatting every book and no longer tied to specific tools (like Scrivener or Ulysses). PQ is available primarly on macOS, however you will find installation instructions for Windows and Linux. It is meant for desktops and ideal for fiction and narrative non-fiction. And it requires no internet connection to work. see faq.

Write in Markdown ⟶ add some front matter ⟶ run the script ⟶ publish faster

why write in Markdown?


pq -g mySeries ⟶ converts one or more manuscripts to Word or ePub

pq -g mySeries -t boxset ⟶ combines all files in a group and generates a boxset

pq -g mySeries --stats ⟶ converts one or more manuscripts to Word or ePub and generates stats on each book

An anthology of 5-books with ~1200 pages can be generated in ~10 seconds.

Come see demos of it in action on a real published trilogy, in 15-20 second videos

Is anyone using it?

All these books were built 100% using PQ.

📚 Can I really upload the produced word doc to Amazon Kindle KDP?

Yes. KDP accepts Microsoft Word as an input file. With PQ, you can produce a great looking doc that is 99% ready, with maybe a few minor tweaks if required (such as adding TOCs or special graphics), before upload. All these books were produced using PQ, and then the only action before uploading to Amazon was adding a TOC. That’s it (5 minutes). Or see this sample PDF that was created from the produced docx (nothing was altered!)

What are some specific things I can do with it?

  • easily create a boxset

  • change the ornamental dividers in all your chapters across all your books in 30 seconds and regenerate your catalog in seconds.

  • get stats on every book in a few seconds (povs, words, pages, chapter lengths…)

  • recreate your X book library in seconds with a new look-and-feel and updated back-matter

  • create as many shortcodes and’replace’ them globally

  • reuse common external content; update once, regenerate everything

  • split your raw manuscript to N chunks to ease grammar checking

  • and more!

read more about the features

Is it really free?

Yes. The PublishQuickly script really is free. If you can get it up-and-running, you can optionally buy a one-time access (cheap) to an advanced guide which gives you some extra info and reveals a couple of useful hidden features.

Feels a bit technical… scripts, terminal, what are they?

The usage requires some comfort working on command line and following slightly technical instructions. But the effort is worth the benefits!

🔥 What’s an extreme use case that shows PublishQuickly’s power?

Let’s say you had a 20-book backlist and you’ve decided to refresh the look-and-feel of all the books, update the backmatter to include the list of all your books, change your common thank you notes at the end of each book, and update your social media links. If you set it up correctly as per the PublishQuickly system, you would be able to refresh your entire catalog in as few as few minutes or in less than an hour. Now imagine doing it manually across all. In fact, once you’ve made updates, the actual generation might take less than a minute. It’s fast.

I have more questions.

Check out the FAQ.


Once you get it working with the basic version, harness the real power by getting access to an advanced use guide. The software is free for use as much as you want and anywhere.

Why get the advance guide access?

The online guide covers how this author uses this system for his entire collection (15-books, 3-series, 3000+ pages of content)

  • learn how to use some advanced features

  • get interesting tips-and-tricks not described in the basic guide.

  • get access to a couple of powerful hidden features

  • get access to bonus materials (docx templates and stylesheets to use)

  • links to private YouTube videos that demonstrate some concepts

learn more and buy access