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featureno accountfree accountpremium
generation typesdemo onlyword word, epub, text, markdown
submission raw words

how many words you can paste into the generator

none 40k700k (enough for 7 100K novel boxset)
statsdemoyes yes
file vault (?)

the vault allows you to keep reusable content and reference it easily in your script


5 text, img, docx, or css files for reuse20 text, img, docx, or css files for reuse
basic, ready-to-use templates

Word and CSS templates for your generated output

premium templates (?)



beautiful word templates for your novels/non-fic
royalty-free reference images(?)

free ornaments for reference (e.g., for header separators)




navigator (Coming)(?)

an awesome way to navigate your manuscript and analyze it

URL extractor(?)

extract all URLs in your manuscript and see in one place

completion & royalty estimator(?)

work out when you'll complete your book and also how much money you might make

word migrator(?)

convert your current word docs to the lightweight PublishQuickly tagged Markdown

nodocx size < 100kbdocx size up to 2 MB
history builder(?)

automatically keep track of your word progress history

skeletal generator(?)

get started easily with necessary tags and chapters


(TBD) multiple options, pay for the duration you want

Feature descriptions

Brief descriptions of key features in PublishQuickly

File Vault

The file vault is where you can keep a certain number of image and text/markdown files that you would reuse in your manuscripts. Here's what you can keep (and why).

See replacer and insert documentation for how you can use these files in your content.

When files are in the vault, the service first looks for them and inserts them as necessary. Depending on the plan there are limitations to sizes and how many you can keep.

Custom Templates

While the freely available and premium templates are great for quick generate-and-go purposes, many authors prefer to have their own look-and-feel. With a paid plan, you can download a standard word template or CSS stylesheet, customize it to your heart's content, and upload it to your vault. The template then shows up in your generation drop-downs and your output will conform to it. read more about customizing your documents

check out the gallery of outputs with premium templates

URL Extractor

You may have many URLs in your manuscript. It can be a chore to check all of them and see if they work. URL extractor will extract all your links and even let you test if they're valid (features vary by plan)! Such a time saver.

Image Library

Don't want to or care to upload your own book divider and other decorative ornament images? Use our premium images. Just reference their names--e.g. ![](lib.div.1.png)--great for quick and easy beautiful outputs.

go to image library to see what's available and how to use

History Builder

Track your word progress history automatically every time you process your manuscript. Go to title and tid to learn more.

this is an awesome and really simple way to track your progress!


What if you have your books as word documents and want to migrate to PublishQuickly so you can simplify your workflow and write in simple Markdown?

The free* migrator can take your word document and give you a "best effort" PublishQuickly flavored Markdown file which you can them modify to create your final version.

Because of how Word documents may be designed, the output may not be exactly how you want, but will often save 80% of the work if you were to do it manually. The Migrator page provides additional tips on how modify the manuscript after migration.

Read more about how to use it in the Migrator howto

Skeletal Generator

The free skeletal generator is the best and the fastest way to get started. It takes just a minute to choose your generation options and create a "skeletal" with the desired number of chapters. Then, copy it to your editor and start writing. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!.


We produce stats on the book that might be of use to you. Most of the stats are obvious, but here are a few explanations on specific metrics.

word count: is the approximate words in the book, excluding any chapters which have exclude or nostats set.

page count: is arrived at by dividing the word count by the wpp value (words-per-page, default 250)

kdp: this is the ~earning based on a standard Amazon Kindle Unlimited payout rate per page. This is a rough approximation. The Amazon pay rate changes each month, varying by a few %'s, and the pages as counted by Amazon may differ from the directional calculation. Nevertheless, this number still gives a useful direction on the expected magnitude of earning per book

Generation limits

To prevent platform abuse and reduce chances of service disruptions, all (except premium) accounts come with a generation threshold of how many docx you generate per day.

You will receive a friendly message indicating you are close to your limit.