What Markdown spec is supported?

We support the Common Mark spec which is simple and clearly defined.

Can I write my manuscript in any editor?

Of course. Write it in any editor--iaWriter, notepad, VS Studio Code, or on a browser editor, on any OS you want (windows, Mac, Linux), on the plane, in the train, lounging in the coffee shop--it doesn't matter. It's just a simple text file, fantastically portable, and when you paste it into our service, you get some writer productivity magic.


Can I upload the produced word document to Amazon Kindle KDP?

Yes. KDP accepts Word and the templates are designed to work for both the e-book and 6x9 paperback! One can produce an output that is 95% ready, with maybe a few minor tweaks if required (such as adding TOCs or special graphics), before upload.

For example, our beta authors use this app and a custom template, and say that they are able to get to 99% readiness before uploading to KDP. If you want to see how a produced output looks like directly from Amazon, see the gallery

Will this work for scientific articles with lots of formulae and complex layouts?

It depends. If you can write your articles or books in commonspec Markdown, then it should work fine in PublishQuickly too. And that’s why you should first try the free service and make sure it works, before buying.

Generally, our service is better suited for linear novels and non-fiction books.

Other topics

Why is there no support to generate PDF?

We will be looking into this eventually.

Do I have to pay for every upgrade?

No. We offer simple time-expiry based licenses. There are no special payments for upgrades--you just pay for the duration you want and everything is included as part of that plan.

What happens to my allowances after my license expires?

You vault remains for about 3 months before we delete all the files. The word limits/upload limits etc. will kick-in right after the expiry.

We do not save your raw text on our servers. You are free to use the vault feature to keep a small set of reusable files that are used in your manuscripts.

You should have a robust primary and backup strategy for your files. PublishQuickly is really for processing and not for storage. Similarly, generated files are deleted within hours for all plans.

We collect anonymized, aggregated data on total number of manuscripts processed, total word counts of all processed documents etc. for reporting.

See our data transparency page for details on what we keep on our server, how long, and for what.

What if you steal my manuscript?

This is the last thing you should worry about.

As you're probably aware, it takes a lot more than taking an unpublished manuscript to turn it into a profitable book. We receive hundreds of processing requests a day! For us to want to take someone's manuscript, we would have to read them all, determine which one would be successful, ensure it's complete, have it proofread, packaged, create covers, publish, and promote, and hope it sells.

Well. We'll let authors do their thing, and we'll do our thing which is software.