What does PQ do for you?

Writing and publishing isn’t easy. Writing, proofreading, betas, formatting, uploading, updating, refreshing, marketing… often there’s so much manual work. PQ brings some productivity features for authors to ease some of that pain of managing their individual manuscripts or their entire backlist.

  1. starting with Markdown, create KDP publish-ready word documents; create ePub, text, or markdown outputs as needed

  2. customize the look-and-feel of your docs, and make your entire backlist consistent

  3. create boxsets with as many of your manuscripts, and exclude specific repetitive chapters from the boxset

  4. number your chapters without the messiness of Word’s numbering system - even reset your chapter numbers after each part

  5. create heading ornaments easily and change them without dealing with the pain of Word’s picture features

  6. version the manuscript and let it show up in the output for easy tracing

  7. get stats on your manuscript— # of words, pages, chapters, POVs, chapter summaries…

  8. include commonly-reused content, terrific for back-matter inclusions and refreshing your entire catalog

  9. use replacers for a variety of easy manuscript-wide replacements

  10. benefit from a simple word count history generated each time you build a doc

There’s many more little things that you can leverage as you learn to use the configuration.

Planned in future releases

  1. Including X select chapters from another book, at whichever location of the current book (great to promote your other books)!

  2. Adding a TOC anywhere.

  3. Splitting the manuscript to X chunks to make it easier for grammar tools checking. (ready; planned in a near future release)

  4. Word clouds; word frequencies

  5. Adding a timeline indicator to a chapter and getting time-based stats.

  6. HTML output

…and more.

Is anyone using it?

All these books were built using PQ. We’ll add more once there’s more adoption.